Chic Keen

So I’m walking back home, scanning the street and the yards as I walk, because ladies (and guys) this is an urban area and you have to be aware of your surroundings. Anyway, scanning, walking and I spot something in some one’s yard. I see big ugly bird feet and a white body and I think to myself, “That is one ugly duck lawn ornament.” Then the lawn ornament moves. It’s a chicken! A live and very ugly hen.

10 thoughts on “Chic Keen”

  1. Please consider reporting this to animal control. Chicken excrement is hazardous, and livestock are prohibited in our neighborhood.

  2. I’m aware of the non-legal aspects of keeping a chicken in the city. However, I don’t want to be the one to separate Nana from her pet chicken. Also I’m not a huge fan of the law.
    When I was a middle schooler I had a dozen chicks for a 4-H project. We lived in the city limits. I raised them till I had one hen and one rooster ( I accidently killed one, and the possums, fire ants, and roaming dogs killed the rest). It was great, the hen would lay an egg on the front porch and we got the freshest eggs ever. They also helped the front yard with the chicken poop.
    Now I was a 11 year old with 2 chickens and no humans died and the lawn got greener. However, if I were a major poultry producer on the Eastern Shore with more poop than front yard, then yes, I would have a hazardous material.

  3. See? Everybody’s doing it. Now go get those prairie chickens and put ’em on your sod roof.

  4. Stop Snitching? What is this Baltimore?
    Nah. Just not keen on the supposed law and I also took a look on the DC Council’s website to find what law in the DC Code Nana might be breaking and couldn’t find it. I think, not sure, you are supposed to have a permit to have a chicken. So she could get or already have a chicken permit.

  5. Thanks. Hello Express Readers. Methinks the Express likes chicken stories. Last time I was in the Express was the chickens on a hot sod roof, which I’m not getting (sod or chickens).

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