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Bates Market closed
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I’m a little late on this but the Bates Market at the corner of 3rd and P is closed. According to the chatter on the TruxtonCircle discussion board, Georgians (of the former Soviet Republic, birthplace of Stalin) are going to take over. Why? I don’t know what attraction the place would have for area Georgians, but what appears will be interesting.
All I know is that it was poorly lit store where some folks hung out. It was a source of get drunk quick malt liquor and dusty canned goods. I had only gone in the store maybe 5 times in the years I have lived here. I prefer G&G Market on NJ and Q. No liquor or beer, well lit, and not too many people hanging out in front.

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  1. Interesting. The store on the corner of 6th and Q (6th and Q Market) closed last week too. A trend…

  2. I lived in Queens, NY for many years. Eastern European “Culture Clubs” are common there. Similarly, Italian “Social Clubs” are common in Manhattan’s Little Italy.

    Regarding the Bates Market, you’ll see men drinking strong coffee while discussing the old country there.


  3. Well I looked up the owner’s name (Tsereteli) and it is a solid Georgian name. So it might become Georgian social club, maybe.
    What I need is a Floridian social club where I can complain about seasons (overrated!!) and snow.

  4. While the owners may be from the Republic of Georgia, I dount that the business will be. They may keep it as a market, but I don’t think that the neighborhood will support a Georgian social club or even one for people from the former Soviet Union.

  5. There is an Eritrean social club on NY Ave at 6th or 7th Sts, NW. It is near the AV Italian Restaurant.

    Can that area sustain an Eitrean club at that location? Apparently so.

    Can that area sustain an Italian restaurant for decades? Definitely.

    Would most people doubt such establishments can exist in that locations? Probably. But they are there.

  6. I knew some Gorgians back in the day. All of them (there were only 3 really) owned Pawn Shops. These guys were great ex-military types who had some crazy stories. I frequent pawn shops looking for old CD’s and it seems like most of them are run by some Eastern European or another…

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