Wardman in the TC

Saturday there is going to be a tour by the DC Preservation League (listed at the main inshaw.com page) looking at Wardman Row. Which is strange coincidence, because today, looking at 1900 census stuff I ran across a whole mess of Gloriuses or Glori. George Glorius was a German born florist who owned Square 519 (FL Ave, 4th & 3rd & R Sts) in the 1880 census. So after hitting another Glorius, I decided to look up dear old George in the Washington Post. I found in the October 22, 1902 (page 11) issue under “Real Estate Transfers” where a Glorius, George et ux and Mary Glorius sells lots 38 to 61, 64-66 to Harry Wardman for $35,500.
Addition: Found further down the list saw that Harry Wardman sold land back to George & Mary Glorious. Lots 44, 45, 50, 55 & 56 for $600 (subject to trust $14,000- what does that mean?) and 46-49 $20,150 (subject to trust of $12,150).

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  1. Interesting, my gr.grandfather was George Glorius. It's very cool to see exactly where he lived and no doubt where I got the gardening "gene", lol. Great blog! gp

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