From Jim: Sandbags


Below please find an message from my ANC 5C colleague Robert Brannum regarding the DC Emergency Management Agency’s plans to distribute sand bags tomorrow in the event of a storm that might be accompanied by flash flooding. Please take due notice of this information and govern yourselves accordingly.


Jim Berry

“Greetings and salutations neighbors, this to confirm DCEMA will be distributing sand bags (1,000) for the community tomorrow morning – 7:30AM until distributed. The distribution site will be behind Howard University Services Building at 10th & W Streets, NW. Along with the bags will be instruction for stacking the bags for maximum protection effect. Please know those who pick up bags may have to demonstrate District residency. Please note it is advisable to arrive to pick up bags in vehicles with non DC license plates. If you have any questions, please contact me. Robert –”

Robert Vinson Brannum
ANC Commissioner 5C04
202-328-7611 – fax