Very small space design

I could waste hours looking at Apartment Therapy’s 2nd Annual Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest site. The idea was to judge living spaces 650ft and under. I’m soooo thankful for 1,000 sq ft. But it is amazing to see what others have done with less space than mine.
The ones I love are Waynes’ Diagonal Conversion with 476 sq ft. ; K/B’s Madison reflection @ 295 sq ft; Joe’s Hip New Home @420 sq ft if only for the way he has the toilet; K &G’s Santa Monica Apt at 550 Sq Ft; Bri & Chad’s at 350 sq ft; Jane’s and Darkos 645 sqft home; a Dramatic Bostonian at 288 sq ft; Katrina’s & Stephen’s 550ft studio; The MiniMansion at 440 sq ft; Thom’s San Fran Delight645 sq ft; Emily’s Simple Sanctuary at 600 sq ft; and David and Im’s One Space

Not exactly a fav but very good honorable mention isIvar’s Simple Pared down looks like an art installation.

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  1. I LOVE AT. Did you happen to catch the hilarious comment war last week, when the site owner posted a question from someone on what color to paint their McMansion? I immediately thought it was a joke but the commenters didn’t seem to pick up on it, resulting in some hilarious venom.

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