Kitten in Garden

Kitten in Garden 2
Originally uploaded by In Shaw.

Just two (the second is the black spot o’ fur under the folding table) of the four feral kittens that have been spotted in the yard. One I have already named “Scardy Kat” as it runs at the very hint of danger or sound or movement or anything for that matter.
The kitten in front of the white white pot is taking in the lush greenery of the yard. Later three kittens will engage in a game of attack hide and seek between the folds of a outdoor rug I have folded over in a corner.

7 thoughts on “Kitten in Garden”

  1. Hi Mari- CUTIES! Are you feeding these little ones? Looks like food under the table? I noticed from you last post on the kittens that you had many offers to get them trapped and neutered. Please let me know if that does not happen for some reason. Justin and I still have on-loan traps from some time ago that we can put to use.


  2. If the kittens are three months or younger it is fairly easy to domesticate them. Two of my cats were rescued from the alley behind my apartment when they were 5-6 weeks old. (We also rescued a third kitten which adopted out) Generally it is best to socialize them as early as possible. Even if they are not adoptable it is very important to try and have an alley cat group get them spayed and neutered.

    Also, cats and kittens can’t digest milk properly.

  3. Hey Lindy,

    I emailed Justin last week about these cats, but I haven’t heard back from him yet. I had orginally offered to help Mari with trapping, but when I called Becky at ACA, I found out that they have changed how they do things a little. If you could help Mari, I myself would be very grateful. I have 2 traps you can borrow if needed. I just can’t get the cats to the clinic. Let me know.


  4. Kelly- Justin’s been out of the office on and off so he may not have gotten the email. I need to contact Marty or Emily as we can’t do clinic runs either, but we can definitely trap and release.

    What has changed at ACA??


  5. The way I used to do it- I would call Lori (ran the DCCat program- runs MetroFerals)and we would line something up- like I would trap and bring the cats to her house, then SHE would take the cats to be neutered. Now- she no longer works at ACA, and you have to line up the reservations with WARL. Seems like alot more work to do. Granted, I haven’t trapped since last year, so this may not be a new change, but a change, nonetheless.

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