Skies opening up

Someone further down the alley had two large trees chopped down. Oh, what a difference! They skies have opened up and I see buildings and clouds and really it is a huge difference.
It had me looking at the weed tree close to me. It is a weed tree as it sits mainly outside the gate and the occupant said it wasn’t hers. The city said unless it is growing in the middle of the alley it isn’t theirs either. For several hundred dollars I had one of the three branches of this weed tree cut off. Maybe I can save up for another branch to be removed.
Yes, there are those who love trees. Well in tight spaces, where trees do touch houses, orphan bastard trees that no one wants to claim or maintain are a nuisance. Trees need to be maintained.

One thought on “Skies opening up”

  1. This really saddens me. One of the unique aspects of DC is its treecover. If you want to see the “open skies” go up to Baltimore and stand in a barren strip of rowhouses baking on a humid summer day. All the open skies you could want. Meanwhile, all around me new homeowners are chopping down old trees to make room for parking pads for SUVs.

    Generally if I see this going on I call DPW, since the City Council passed a law last year banning removal of large trees (certain species exempted) from private land.

    Yes, there are junk trees that should be removed. No argument. But I think a lot of nice old trees are being culled under the general guise of “junk”.

    – JM

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