Today is Earth Day -gardening post

And I’m not doing anything different.
I was reminded of the day while reading another blog talking about Soylent Green (1973) a distopia where there are no fresh veggies. Considering the number of danelions growing in my treebox and a lot of neighbors’ yards I can’t really imagine a world without these annoying but edible weeds.
How’s the edible front yard going? Well I sort of finished the edible brick walkway. I have to wait for the plants to take hold and spread. That can take months. The blueberries are struggling along. I could have sworn this time last year I had a few berries, but there are not even flowers yet. I do have berries on the alpine strawberry plants in the back. The daylilies Justin B. gave me are begining to take. I have some tomato seedlings in the place where I had tomatoes last year. I can’t remember now if I had any hybrids in that spot last year. If so I’ll have to dig these up and replace them with the seedlings I’ve been growing in the window. Also growing in the window for future placement in the yard are chives, cilantro, and squash.
If you got a call from me yesterday I was trying to find someone to take salad off my hands. I have two pots of a salad mix growing and I have to cut back to give the more vigorous plants some room. Well after making a little dent, I discovered I had a lot of salad. More than the needs of one person. I found two people to take the salad. I think both times I was asked what part of my yard it came from. Y’all are so distrusting of my front yard. The salad is in pots in the rear yard. The front yard is fine. I have eaten pesto made from front yard basil, pasta sauce from front yard tomatoes (no one ever asks where the tomatoes are from). I’ve eaten beans, peas, blueberries, mint and thyme all from the front yard. The tree box, not putting anything from that in my mouth.

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  1. Well considering that it was okay for it to have that Hungarian Peasant village look, not that bad. It took me about 3 weeks I guess. The long term goal is to get some of the herbs to spread and take over, so that bricks can be removed in time.

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