Tip for the lazy gardener- watering

Yeah, another gardening post, but otherwise I got nothin today.
IKEA sells these plastic self-watering pots with wheels. They come in three colors, clay, white and blue. Now I have a problem, oh around Summer, about getting around to watering the plants. So last year I had these two pots, on wheels so I could move them around according to where the sun shine was, drilled a few holes on the side and had a pot that rarely went completely dry.
The other thing, for the tree box and the hanging pots were soil moisture crystals. You can get Soil Moist, Schultz has something called Moisture Plus. I’m not sure about the long term problems of these things. Last year they did keep some of the hanging plants alive during my watering lapses.
What I really need to do is set up an irrigation drip system, with a timer. The problem is in the back all the pots move around. I’ve got 27 pots (of varying sizes) to water. Eek. Typing in 27 pots, with the knowledge that I have more pots to fill, just hit me. That’s a lot of pots. Too many for a drip system. Well, the kind I’ve been looking at.