Secret Dealer Agents

When I get around to part 2 of some meeting notes at the super secret site there will be a slight mention of what the nice police man said at the meeting. I want to expand on it here.
There are things the police can’t tell the community because the dealers do send spies. Yes. Spies. And like any spy worth his or her weight they report back to their people. So with that, the police can’t tell law abiding citizens what stings or other on going things they are doing. For the law abiding citizen this is annoying because it is very hard to hold a government agency accountable if you don’t know what they are doing and how they are progressing.
Am I just taking the nice policeman’s word at it that there are spies who attend community meetings and tell the dealer’s what is going on? Some past experience at a meeting long time ago in 2003 makes me believe that such a thing is credible. Just follow the link and you’ll understand.