Tutorial Services Can be Made Available to an Interested High School Student!


A local resident is available to volunteer their time and talents for 90 to 120 minutes per evening, on one weekday evening per week, to an interested and motivated high school student in the community (preferably, one who attends Dunbar, if possible). The volunteer has taught both math and verbal SAT preparatory classes at the high school level, and has identified their ability to teach humanities, i.e., literature and writing, as particular strengths. Arrangements could be made to hold the weekly sessions at the Perry School Community Services Center on an evening of mutual agreement between the parties. This would seem to be a good opportunity for one who is preparing to take his/her SAT’s or for one who could benefit from some supplemental assistance in the areas of math, reading and writing, respectively.

If you know of an interested and motivated student, please have his or her parent contact me and I will facilitate the initial contact between the parent, the student and the volunteer.


Jim Berry

(202) 387-8520