Ooo Ooo New Stuff for the Convention Center

Got an email update about the Blagden Alley people:

The newsletter is at
Topics of the meeting:
(Expanded from last email…)
Convention Center Update: About the restaurants and brewpubs…
Hanny Chan, owner of Old Dominion Brewhouse, Mongolian Grill and
Tokyo Sushi Bar will be there and tell us how soon, DCRA willing.
910 M Street progress…about those rumors…
John Malone, from the Developer, will be there.
Discussion of the “voluntary agreement” with the new tavern
on the 1300 block of Ninth Street. That’s a standard discussion
with sommunities prior to liquor licence approval these days.
Mike Nelson is working hard, moving things along.
(Note: “voluntary agreements” are not always adversarial.)
“That school”? Maybe something new…
Naylor Court keeps the BZA busy…
On the crime front…seems awfully quiet…
Also, see the web page at or,
(depending on your persuasion). Do hope to see you there.

In that you’ll see what’s planning on going in the bottom floors of the Center. Sushi bar. Umm sushi. But what got me…. “DCRA willing.”

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  1. Did you say sushi? Near me? I can’t wait.

    Plus the glory and joy of fewer vacant buildings. (Of course, those vacant buildings are why I could afford my house.)

    I really hope more of the beautiful buildings in the area will be rehabilitated.

  2. Mari,

    The agenda on the link you provide has no mention of DCRA. Hopefully that means DCRA are not involved! 🙂

  3. A partial list of the new convention side establishments on 9th street (from reading the signs and ABC license apps in the windows) includes:

    *Dominion Brewery
    *D’ivine Cravings Bakery
    *Sushi place – though I think its combined with some sort of grill
    *Jewelry Store

    What gets me though is some of the ABC licenses were posted in March 05′. And the only one that looks to have made marked progress in developing out the interior is the jewelry store. Why the delay in moving forward and opening these?

  4. Regarding DCRA, I’m just quoting what the email said. Maybe the sender (Hal D.)knows more about it. I guess they are involved in the building/fix-up side of things issuing permits and the like. Not being an attendee of the Blagden Alley meetings, I dunno. All I know, is that places that look interesting are coming to Shaw.

  5. wrt DCRA: The West side of the CC with space for restaurants did not have the plumbing roughed in. Any new tenant would have to do it. Seems our fantastically successful new convention center needed to save a little money at one point. No wonder new restaurants have taken so long. (One wonders about the amenities promised with the new, fantatstically successful baseball stadium will appear when the cost overrun goblin appears…)

    So DCRA is in the process, since plumbing and other things need inspection.

    The Be Bar should be up and running in the 1300 block of Ninth very shortly. It’s to be a “tavern”, not an Irish bar, sports bar, club, or fern bar.

    Now when we pick a mayor in the Septamber primary, maybe the developers will have an idea where the new convention center hotel will go and the 1100 block of Ninth might get a restaurant or two in our lifetimes.

    Hal D.

  6. From Jack Evans newsletter:

    This summer the barren edges of the Washington Convention Center (the northern perimeter along 9th, N and 7th Streets, NW) will be filled with several new retail establishments to serve the Shaw community and conventioneers. Due to open in June are Abou Master Goldsmith, D’Vine Cravings Bakery and Julie Sumner Salon. In July, we can expect Euromarket and a business center for everyone to use. August will bring the Mongolian Grill, Old Dominion Brewery and a car rental facility.
    “Leases have been signed and build out work is in process. I think this is a great mix of services for the community and the businesses should do very well,” Councilmember Evans said. “It has been a long process, but this summer’s deadline for opening is greatly anticipated.”

    Currently, utility, mechanical, electrical and drywall work are in various stages of completion. Outstanding work includes, but is not limited to, fire alarm and other inspections, purchase and installation of air-conditioning and heating units, assisting with tenant build-out and completion of other individual space needs.

    For more information on the Washington Convention Center Retail space, contact Theresa DuBois, Washington Convention Center External Affairs Manager at the Washington Convention Center, 249-3900 or Evans’ Shaw liaison, Windy Abdul-Rahim.

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