Death in TC

An old fellow across the street from me died of cancer yesterday. Well that’s what I was told when I ran into another neighbor on the street. The doctors only gave him two weeks to live but he stretched it out by a couple of months. Come to think of it, I had not seen him lately. I’d seen his grandkids and other folk visiting the house, but not him. Last I saw him he had a walker, which was unusual because he got around, driving and whatnot without much assistance.
Now I’m figuring out what is the proper course of action. Visiting with a plate of food tends to be the usual thing. I can’t think of anything besides potato salad (everyone cooks potato salad). I might just do flowers.
At the BACA meeting it was mentioned, as well on another neighborhood email list, that Carl Hunter one of the people in the March 2nd crash on New Jersey Ave passed away. Carl and Shirley Hunter, residents of the area, were traveling to work when the accident occurred.

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  1. that’s horrible that Mr. Hunter died. They should charge both of those jackasses that were racing with at least involuntary manslaughter.

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