BACA meeting 3/6/06

Preface: Because I have been asked on two occasions already to amend my narrative regarding previous BACA meetings due to misreadings and potential misinterpretations I’ve decided a long narrative is just not worth the headache of dealing with people who don’t know how to read my blog. If you want the usual InShaw meeting notes you will have to email me at mari at inshaw period com.
2nd update: Part 2 has been added. access: thismeeting. neverhappened.
I’ve posted my more detailed meeting notes at but it is behind a password. The phrase “this meeting never happened” makes up the user name and the password. The user name is 11 letters. The password is 13 letters. If you can’t figure it out because I’m not exactly being clear, email me.

Representatives from Police 5D spoke
Mary Ann of the Membership committee spoke. 1 new committee member. Flower Power. Garden club. Need more people.
Art of the Land Use, Planning and Development Committee spoke. 2 new members.
The beauty salon proposed for New Jersey Ave will be going before the BZA (#17437) Tuesday.
For Permit Parking 51% of residents have to sign on. Citizens will have to go around to get signatures.
Linda Perkins of Councilman Vincent Orange spoke. We are in the budget season of the council.
Bruce A. Marshall who is running for Ward 5 city council spoke. He has no website yet.
Robert Brannum who is running for city council chairman spoke. Has ties to Ward 5. Pledges not to raise a lot of money.
Michael Brown running for DC mayor spoke. Bio. Ties to DC. Story about his son.
Last speaker was Phil Mendelson. Most interesting thing said (to me, just my opinion) was a mention about his workshop on real property taxes.

One thought on “BACA meeting 3/6/06”

  1. I couldn’t make the meeting last night, unfortunately. Thanks for the notes.

    Two questions. First, Brannum said he “pledges” not to raise much money. Is that because he can’t or is there another reason?

    Also, what’s the scoop on the “salon”? Is it supposed to be a nice salon or the typical “salon” that we already have all over the area?

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