Someone join me for dinner

Vegetate has wine on the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) for the month of March. Got the email from Vegetate that they have hired chefs from Viridian, also I think I’ve noticed something new on the menu. Minor thing, they open at 6pm. So anyone (Toby, Jimbo, Nora, anybody) want to join me for dinner tonight? Email me. Also don’t forget to mail Jack Evans about the liquor license.
Also on the topic of eateries, Taw’s Thai X-ing is in the March 2006 Washingtonian Magazine. “Lofty Curries From a Basement Kitchen” (find here) is the short piece. I have to say that the waits have gotten much better. Of course, I tend to order early, like when he first opens. So far my waits for the Panaag Tofu has been 15-20 minutes. I just order, go home, drop stuff off, and come back and pick up my tofu. So far so good.

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  1. Just wanted to share a heads up that we had a representative from Jack Evan’s office attend our local community meeting and she brought up Vegetate. She mentioned a “rumor” going around that Jack Evans was going to ammend a bill that would allow alcohol to be served within 400 ft of a school or church based on the Vegetate application. She said this was untrue and he could not do that. In fact, the part that got me was that she said the regulation mentions 400ft from a school OR CHURCH. I take that to mean that we may not ever get a decent sit down restaurant to be profitable in Shaw because there is a church on just about every corner. The same group is currently fighting against the temporary license. I am struggling with how this can be when we have liquor stores on every corner that sell single beers? How is that not “serving”? I venture to suggest that Vegetate allow their patrons to bring in their own wine, beer by visitng the liquor store two doors down and just charge a corkage fee or something. They definitely do something like this in NYC and Philly.

  2. I have been following this through DCist. It looks like some Sunday or another some people may go protest Shiloh, out of shear frustration with them.

    I don’t live in Shaw, but used to work there. Hopefully you thought the food at Vegetate was good, because I am heading over tomorrow to show some support and have dinner.

  3. I don’t see how a protest will help matters (may make tensions worse). But this is America, right to protest and all….
    Well I’m planning to get to Vegetate to support them sometime this month by trying out their sweet potato tart or lasanga. I’ve already sent a letter to Jack Evan’s office to look into the matter.

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