Other DC London Comparisons

When I had a cousin from Laurel, MD visiting me she remarked how close things were together around here. Well during our stay in London, my travel companion Nora noted how close things were together. This was a very important factor when we got sick and debated the pros and cons of paying exhorbant hotel prices for internet connections, minibar cokes, and restaurant food. When those things were available within 3 blocks.
Nora said that it would take her longer to get out of her Alexandria condo building then it would take her to get out of her hotel room and over to Fortnum & Mason (across the street) or the supermarket Tescos (1.5 blocks away) or to the Burger King where there was an Internet cafe in the basement (3 blocks). The city center is very packed with all sorts of services and business within a short walk of each other.
A bit further out in the residential areas there is usually a pub or a minimarket within a 10 minute walk of one’s house. I think I can almost say the same for some parts of “urban” East Anglia. London is pedestrian friendly. Handicap hostile, but if your two legs work and you can do stairs, it is very pedistrian friendly.
DC on the other hand, more handicap friendly and more car centric.