Other kinds of Diversity

Continuing on the London Calling by Tim Bulter & Garry Robson vibe there were other kinds of diversity to think about other than racial diversity. Being in DC we tend to think of diversity in terms of race a lot because well it’s DC and DC can be all about race.
There is occupational diversity. Imagine a neighborhood with bankers, musicians, contractors, lawyers, actors/waiters, plumbers, freelance writers, academics, receptionists, graphic designers, bartenders, retired mailmen, IT geeks, policemen, non-profit employees, accountants, film makers and students all living in the same neighborhood. Um, I think I live in that neighborhood.
There is age diversity. Babies, young children, school aged kids, surly teenagers, college kids, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s, and retirees, all appearing on the streets, in the stores or living within a few blocks of you.

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  1. hey Mari,
    Not sure if you are interested, but i took some pictures and wrote some thoughts on gentrification in beirut.

    A place where “diversity” almost never means racial diversity.

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