Shiloh calmed down

Right now I and my Shiloh attending family members are playing a game of Thanksgiving chicken as none of us have stepped up to host Turkey Day at our houses so there hasn’t been a lot of communication. If there has been communication, it has been very brief.
What has gotten through the shorter than normal phone calls was that Shiloh believes that it has won in it’s battle against Queen of Sheba in the liquor license fight. I was told that the congregation was told that because Queen of Sheba is less than 400 feet away from the school it cannot serve liquor so Shiloh’s work is done.
That announcement has been rattling around in my head for a few days and it doesn’t make sense as there is a liquor store…. ah, never mind.

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  1. Is there really nothing more the community can do to support businesses we desire in our area? I find it incredibly frustrating that a church largely composed of nonresidents can dictate the types of businesses that the community can have amongst us. Even more frustrating is Shiloh’s acceptance of the liquor stores that plague the area…

    Oh, also, do churches pay taxes?


  2. Argh. What exactly is the plan?–to make sure that 9th Street remains as decayed as possible?

    This isn’t going to help sell those two lots at the corner of Q which I noticed were for sale. (Financing appears to have fallen through on whatever construction they were doing, because the hole in the ground and partially destroyed building are for sale. They are asking way too much.)

  3. According to the DC.GOV site:
    Real Property Tax Exemption
    Properties owned by some non-profit, educational, charitable, and religious organizations may be exempt from real property tax. To get an exemption, a property must be used for an exempt purpose. See DC Code ยง 47-1002.”

    So no, they don’t pay taxes that I know of. However, the trick is that properties must be used “for an exempt purpose.” Is that Shiloh property on the corner of 8th & Q taxed? If not it doesn’t look like it’s being used for an exempt purpose.

  4. Interesting. I wonder if its possible to look up what taxes are being paid/not paid to determine how much Shiloh has been “giving back” to the community. If they have managed to avoid paying taxes where they should, in fact, owe, would they then have to pay back taxes? Like, for example, a previous mayor??

    Would that make them more apt to sell or develop their properties?


  5. “I wonder if its possible to look up what taxes are being paid/not paid to determine how much Shiloh has been “giving back” to the community.”

    I don’t think you want to go down that route. Besides Shiloh does do “community” stuff but like any entity it gets to pick and choose what “community” stuff it wants/can do. Today I was listening to PBS’s Religion & Ethics podcast and it mentioned Shiloh in DC and briefly mentioned something about its program for young men. There is also the day care center they have. Yes, the big crush is on Sunday & Wednesday but they do have other things going on the other days of the week.
    What one can do is find which properties are Shiloh’s via DC.GOV and argue that abandoned and useless units are not being used for an exempt purpose. The other stuff runs too close to my privacy concerns regarding income taxes. Of course, I’m sure there is an annual report given to parishoners floating around.

  6. shiloh did win. the queen of sheeba license was denied. shiloh should focus some of it’s efforts on the liquor store right beside the church that opens at 9am. the same liquor store that several school kids go into daily to buy soda, chips and candy. maybe even killi’s kafe which is only a few blocks away. killi’s was just shut down because of multiple shootings over the past year. i wonder if shiloh plans to protest the giant supermarket across the street which is in the process of renewing their abc license that allows them to sell beer and wine until 12am nightly.

  7. Folks no more anonymous comments, please. Use your initials or your cat’s name, just give the post some ID.

    Also Kili’s is on the 2000 block of 8th Shiloh is on the 1500 block of 9th, a good 5 blocks away.
    I haven’t heard anything about Shiloh protesting Giant. Besides Shiloh members like the Giant. Auntie stops by there all the time.

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