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  1. we have Starpower (I guess now RCN) cable / high speed internet / phone service. It has been good overall. You save a little by getting all the services together, plus I was happy to not have to deal with Verizon any more.

  2. Verizon has a deal for something like $14.99 (maybe even less?) a month. It’s a good deal, especially if you dont need gobs of bandwidth. I’ve had them for a few years and never had a problem. It’s available in the TC area too, despite what the website tells you. Try calling for ordering.


  3. I signed up for the $14.95 deal with Verizon about three weeks ago. So far, so good. It is much faster than dail up.

    The only bummer that I had was that it doesn’t work with the newest MAC operating software (TIGER) but it works with 10.2

  4. It’s important to remember that all DSL providers in a given area use the same network. The smaller guys just resell Verizon’s service. There are differences in customer service, of course, but in general I would recommend just going with the network owner (in this case, Verizon). If repairs ever have to be made, it’s one less layer of bureaucracy you’ll have to go through, and generally they will have the best price. And, as anonymous mentioned, they have a good special at the moment.

  5. We have Verizon…great when it works, not so good when you have to deal with them. Keep in mind that all those plans cost alot more once you add all the taxes & fees to them.

    As for the Mac issue…is it because of the CD software not working w/ the Mac, or some other deeper issue? I run Linux, & of course it doesn’t work with their CD. But all that software does is generate your PPPoE username & password & send it to the modem. You can call the big V, get it over the phone, & enter it manually.

  6. I’ve used Verizon DSL for about 3 years. Although, because of customer service for the telephone/cellphone, I am not Verizon’s biggest fan, I have never really had any trouble with the DSL. Their new deal is really good, especially if they give you the DSL Modem and combined Wireless Router like they did for me. I recommend it.

  7. We’ve also got Verizon DSL and are pretty happy with it. I think there are some technical particulars about speed that you want to be sure to know about/address – but that is N’s bailiwick and he’s away on business (Orlando??).


    (Yeah, I know my lack of detail really isn’t terribly enlightening – just wanted to let you know there’s something to it to know.)

  8. I would definately think about Starpower/RCN. We have had them for many years now and have always been satisfied. They also keep upping their speed. (Go with the bundled servies if you want to save). Starpower is consistently rated very high on customer satisfaction. They are not available in every neighborhood though.

  9. We have Verizon and are about to dump it. Why? Because a decent wireless card in our neighborhood picks up not 3, not 4, not 5 even but count em 6 wireless networks! Ok so I can access 5 of them but come on, life is good. Count wireless as an advantage of being young digerati in Shawheezy. Birth control sidewalk bad- wireless, wireless, wireless good.

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