November Garden Report

Yes, I still have a garden.
Strangely, I’m still getting tomatoes. I figured with the cold snap we had a while back that was the end, but no. They are a little damaged. But I just cut that part off. A few weeks back I picked green tomatoes off the vine for fear they’d freeze. Fresh tomato right off the window sill, nothing like it. Sitting in the window they’ve turned red or yellow (depending on the variety).
The lettuce is still going to strong. A leaf here. A leaf there and I got a very small salad.
I’ve pulled up the bean plants and dumped them in the composter.
Several of the mariagolds also met their end in the composter.
Most of the basil has been pulled up and turned into pesto or compost. Basil leaves have little tolerance for cold weather. I have a few sprigs of basil growing, just in case it stays warm.
The spring onions are doing well. I should have planted more because I can run through them very quickly.
The spinach is just one plant I left alone and so far so good. I will need to harvest it soon because I’ll need to empty that pot for the winter as I’d like to have all the clay pots empty.
The impatiens were doing well last month but recently they’ve been getting ugly.
The picky citrus has been sent to College Park to sit on someone’s well lit kitchen table for the winter. Heaven knows it wasn’t going to get the necessary light in my house.
I’ve brought the laurel bay plants inside.
There are a few plants that will need to take their chances outside and I’ll need to plant them in the ground or insulate them somehow.