Abrv BACA meeting

For the meeting of Nov 7 2005.
Sgt. Mitchell of 5D spoke. Don’t buy a Chrysler. Or if you have a Chrysler buy a Club or something because these cars are easy to break into and steal. I say get a stick shift, those things are a b!cth to drive. Something about the Partnerships for Problem Solving, they are looking at the methadone clinic, which is run by a private group. Also they will try talking to SOME. Something about residential parking and tracking parking violations.
Art Slater of the Land Use, Planning and Economic Development Committee spoke.
John has his notes on the BZA Case No. 17404 for 410-416 Richardson Pl on the Truxton Circle’s Daily Dispatch.
There was much chatter about unregistered group homes on the unit block of Bates. Of course the conversation seemed to confuse group homes with halfway houses it seemed. Anita Bonds, injected a little voice of reason for the cause of keeping the neighborhood diverse. The voices against group homes also got on a perceivable anti-renter vibe.
Other quick notes, Mary Ann is looking into wreaths for Bates Street and possibly surrounding areas.
We need to get house numbers on our back doors or back fences because we will be fined. Methinks people won’t bother until their neighbors start getting fines.