For news about what’s going on in the eastern end of Shaw I recommend that you check out Truxton Circle particularly the Daily Dispatch. There is some news in the Dispatch about the Giant on O Street and how it is going to be something…. Of course they said that last year and had no solid plans. But something must be done because I’m reading on the Mount Vernon Sq. Listserv about how many new units are supposed to get built down and around there, such as the Yale laundry, and I’m thinking, where are these people going to do their grocery shopping? I bet they’ll all want to shop Saturday morning when I’m shopping. Long lines at that Giant ain’t pretty and I can’t keep trying to get out the house earlier and earlier just to avoid the crowds.
Also, SunTrust bank was robbed. From the Logan Circle Listserv:

Business Owners and Neighbors,
This makes the fourth business in two weeks, Candida’s Bookstore, at 14th & Q, the Subway on New Hampshire, Barber Shop at 14th & T, and now Suntrust right across from Ben’s Chili Bowl. These are the robberies that we know of that has been the subject of an armed robbery. The robberies have occurred from 11:00am 9:00 pm.
–Scott Pomeroy

In other news I ran into B&L (not to be confused with BL or B.) and someone wants to build a small handful condos on that empty lot on Richardson Place, but needs a zoning variance. All I can think is more people, crowding the Giant. We’ll see how this develops.

Lastly, My Mayor, Tony, Tony, Tony isn’t running for a 3rd term. Now it is just 2 bald guys, 2 chicks and citrus fruit running. I don’t know how much will get done by the DC Council with 3 members trying to outdo each other and undercut each other just so they can look good enough to replace Tony. Any guesses of who it will come down to? I say Cropp vs Fenty.

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  1. I agree it’ll probably be Cropp and Fenty for the Dem nomination. If the Dems fight each other too hard to establish themselves as the anti-Tony, watch for Catania to pick up and wear the Tony raiment, running as an independent.

  2. i saw a sign in the old wax museum lot that indicated a safeway was to go in there. obviously thats a long way off, but we sure could use more grocery stores now.

  3. I agree on Cropp vs. Fenty of the current field. However, having read that Williams’ long-time supporters have no enthusiasm at all for any of the current candidates I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll find someone to draft whom I can support.

    Also, per the post above, shopping Sunday during church might be a breeze (I wouldn’t know – we’re generally too lazy to leave the house before the crack of noon). However, Sunday afternoons/evenings are a mess. I figure we’re just running into all the other procrastinators like ourselves. (Of course, if we didn’t have to routinely replace spoilables such as milk and bananas for the sprog, I’m sure we’d subsist on cup-o’-noodles, canned soup, and dry cereal for weeks just to avoid the crowds. Seriously. When I first met N. that’s all I thought he knew how to buy. So you should probably take our experiences with a canister of salt…)


  4. Oh, but can I add that I LOVE Catania and would TOTALLY support him no matter how snowballs-in-hell-or-at-least-Houston his chances are.


  5. Don’t discount Catania. He’s well-liked in this town. If he decides to run for mayor, he’ll give he either Fenty or Cropp a run his/her money.

  6. I’m guessing since you heard about the Richardson Pl units (not sure whether they will be condos or rentals) from B & L, that the 1600 block didn’t get the zoning notice. I don’t know what the distribution rules are on that, but I imagine you guys would be just as impacted by parking, or if they become cheapy rentals, by crime. Plus, we’re worried about some serious crack architucture to fit 8 “flats” onto the space of 2 small single-family houses.

    We’ll be discussing it at the next TC happy hour, so I’ll try to remember to make copies of the zoning change request letter to hand out.

  7. Expect Carol to run again. She was at the H street NE festival last saturday. She is never on our side of town unless she is running for Mayor.

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