3 bald guys, 2 chicks and a citrus fruit

I was just noticing who the mayoral (and still possible ’cause Tony ain’t said nothin’) candidates were. It’s just too early. I know they’ve got to put themselves out there, ‘cept Tony because he’s damned if he does run and damned if he doesn’t run.
But still too early. Partially because the Orange’s signs have already started to fall apart and I don’t know about the sign quality of the other candidates. There was a sign touting the Orange on the median on Rhode Island that, after a few weeks, began to fall apart. The color section separated from the sign base and phppht! No more sign. Just a blank board and some sticks. It’s a good year before the mayoral elections and I don’t know if I want to look at a bunch of weathered signs for a year.

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  1. I got behind Fenty on the drive into work Friday…he drives a Ford Expedition. Nice, efficient, space-friendly city car.

  2. Cropp had kids canvassing in Cardozo and Columbia Heights yesterday afternoon, with lit left on every door. Then this morning someone was handing out her fliers at the Columbia Heights metro entrance. Can this level of effort really be maintained for the next year? For the sake of everyone’s sanity I hope not.

  3. And the Cropp campaign was in Brookland today, leaving literature at every house. But it’s not just the mayoral campaigns that have begun a year before the elections. Signs are up for someone who is running for council member at-large and flyers are posted for a candidate for the Ward 3 council seat. Can the campaigns act like it’s a week before the election for an entire year? Campaign signs deteriorate. The wind blows candidate literature away from it target. Candidates for all office consider: the people of DC don’t want to be picking up campaign literature that has become litter for the next 12 months.

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  4. Hi Marie, (this is BL)

    This is completely off-topic & I apologize in advance for bugging you on this subject before anyone else gets a chance.

    This is RE: a neighborhood event, and I checked TruxtonCircle.org’s calendar and didn’t find it. It’s too late to call & ask (and still get to say that I try to be polite with my phone manners), so I’m posting my question here and hopefully it all works out okay…

    Last year’s Halloween, there was a neighborhood event at the little park on the corner of Florida & 1st, NW. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday and I’m wondering how that affects the schedule.

    OK – I’ll level with you: “Boo at the Zoo” always sells out. So, if I want to get tickets that are compatible with both the family’s work (N.) and meal/nap (Sprog) schedules, I need to order them ASAP while there’s still some date/time selection. And, I’d like to pick a day that doesn’t conflict with the Truxton Circle Halloween Party.

    Now, not only am I completely in support of kid-friendly events in our neighborhood (especially those that make a point of welcoming children – as opposed to winos – to the local tot lot…), but as a transplanted Texan, I feel morally and ethically bound to encourage chili cook-offs whenever & wherever the opportunity arises.

    So, at the risk of throwing down a challenge I can’t handle? Last year’s chili contest may have had winners – but sadly it didn’t have any real competitors. (Alas!) πŸ˜‰ Now, I’m hoping to change all that in my own small way, but before I walk away with the uncontested blue ribbon, I need a date and time. You see my dilemma?

    Help! Can you provide any of your generally superior insight into the neighborhood event calendar?



    P.S. I do NOT do vegetarian chili, for it is an abomination unto the Lord. (This is probably covered with other dietary restrictions – in Leviticus, I think? Catholics aren’t generally adept with the Old Testament…) πŸ˜‰

  5. BL,
    I’ll e-mail or call you this evening.
    The event you write of in the park was the 1st annual Octoberfest. When the 2nd annual Octoberfest shall be is on s sheet of paper under a pile of other papers somewhere in the house. I bet Scott knows. I’ll ask Scott.

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