Beautiful Ruins now fixed and up for sale

Back in March of this year I went on the open house for 1536 New Jersey Avenue, now it has been renovated and is up for sale. I wish I could be at the open house tomorrow (noon till 3pm), but I have another appointment. I would love to see what the investors did with it and if they actually did truly improve the property.
Back when I reviewed it the house was up for sale for $429K. After renovations, it is about $870K. As the house was huge and the amount of work needed to make the house habitable, I’m going to hold off from saying the price is crack fueled. It may be well worth it.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Ruins now fixed and up for sale”

  1. There are pictures of it on various ralty websites. They did a pretty good job. I actually id on the house (535k) which was the highest bid. The realtor told me the investor who bid slightly lower agreeed to pay cash and match me. So I figure they have 750 in it at least. But they were quick and did a fairly good cookie-cutter yuppie renovation. The house is HUGE.

  2. I took a look at it yesterday and thought it was a pretty bad renovation. The realtor said the work was done in 3 months and it shows. The most important rooms in a home are the kitchen and bathrooms. The master bath is extemely small as is the closet in the master bedroom. The kitchen lacks imagination. With the type of space available there should at least be a breakfast bar. There was an opportunity for some great design with a space this large but sadly it looks like they did it on the cheap.

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