Well at least he is somewhat entertaining

I caught part of the second half of Kojo Nnamdi’s DC Politics Hour with Jonetta when they were talking with former Mayor soon to be Councilman Marion Barry. Well he will be on the council, so there’s nothing to be done about that as the people of Ward 8 have spoken. Yet listening to him attempt to dance around Jonetta’s questions was very entertaining. Sad, but entertaining. Unfortunately for former Mayor4life Marion Barry, he has a past. Not just the crack, cause even if we forgot about the crack, and the crack girlfriend, there is still the running the city into the ground and the culture of cronyism. No Barry did not run the city into the ground all by himself, he had friends. Then there is his general political past of failed plans and promises. So he goes in with all this baggage, this glorious or horrendous past, that well, people are going to bring up. Even if we forgot about the crack there is this other stuff and when people like Jonetta and Kojo bring it up all he can tell us is to forget it and that it is all in the past. What kinda skilled politico are you Barry? You have got to do better.

Anywho, one of the questions raised in the show was did Barry have mayorial aspirations? This had to be brought up because Barry has launched his mayorial bids from his base in Ward 8, one has to, despite Barry’s age, wonder if he’s going to try for a threefer in 2006 based on his track record. He said no, and he has said no before. To be fair there was another segment that asked the same question of Councilmen Jack Evans and Adrian Fenty. Jack, love you, but don’t run. Ain’t no Georgetown white boy gonna be mayor of this majority black city for a while. Adrian, love you, run. Of course, Fenty’s handlers have advised him on the correct answer of if he was going to run for mayor in 2006, which is that he is to focus all of his attention on the citizens of Ward 4. The answer to has he thought about running for mayor in 2006 is, he is to focus all of his attention to servicing the citizens of Ward 4. Rinse & repeat. He’s smart I tell you.