Baby it’s cold outside

Dang dagnabit it’s cold.

You have to forgive me I am a native of the land of sunshine, shorts, and flip flops, Florida. I believe it is my right, my right I say, to walk around in sandals. The cold weather is infringing on that right and forcing me into restrictive sweaters and clunky boots.

Anyway I figure this is a good opportunity to inform you, my neighbors of some cold weather things. First, if you see a homeless person and it is under 32F (below freezing) call 800-535-7252 and someone will come around and try to get him/her into a shelter or at least provide the homeless person a blanket if they are too hardheaded and want to stay out in the cold. Second, at some point in the season we are going to get ice. You are responsible for the little stretch of sidewalk in front of your house, please salt your sidewalk so I won’t slip, fall, and sue you. The Ghetto Giant has bags of salt and ice melt in the front of the store near the cashiers, pick up a bag so you’ll have some when that first icy rain hits.

One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside”

  1. Good luck (with people clearing their walks). In my old neighborhood, the worst offenders were the churches and the nice condo buildings. And what’s with the people who cut one little six-inch-wide path from their door to the sidewalk… or the ones who live on a corner but only clear the walk by their door, not on the side of their house? “If I don’t walk there, who cares?” The usual DC sense of consideration and neighborhliness.

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