Rhode Island Home Depot

The Rhode Island Home Depot is good for paint on any other day other than Saturday. For all other things it is pretty much hit or miss. If you need a part, I mean really need a part or something particular, go out to Maryland. If you need something in general like, soil, any sort of tile, light fixtures and you’re not particular, Rhode Island will do.

Of course it may have been too much to ask for when I was looking for insulation strips for the doors and windows. They didn’t have the size I needed. So I may have to go back to the ghetto methods of paper towels in the crevices. This is what you have to do when you have Section 8 windows.

I could also check the Logan Hardware store on the other end of Shaw. I am at times amazed at how much stuff can fit in such a tiny store. One time I needed a blade for my hacksaw and they had what I needed. I know they are good for toilet parts.

I’m glad there is a Home Depot in the city, nearby. However I wish they weren’t the home improvement store equivalent of the Soviet Safeway.

2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Home Depot”

  1. Indeed trekking out to Maryland is much better. RI Home Depot should be encased in glass and have a “For emergency only” sign on it. Another 6 miles up the road is a much bigger Home Depot in College Park and another 5 miles past that is a Lowe’s, the crown jewel of the home renovation stores. If you count that fact that it takes about 1 hour to find the crap you need at Home Depot because nothing is marked and no one that works there seems to know where anything is and another hour to sit at the self checkout line only to find that none of them work or that they happened to break just at the time the fattest loudest person in the world is at one (and they sure as hell are going to let everyone in the store know what they think), you could have driven to Lowe’s, found everything in a minute because everything is labeled and the people who work there know where everything is (even if it is not “in their department”) been treated courteously, jumped in the car and driven back in less than 2 hours. That is what I do. Forget about buying tools at Home Depot too. You will wait 4 hours on that separate checkout line.

  2. For anything other than really major purchases, I always went to Logan Hardware. Marc and Gina and their staff are knowledgable and helpful and if something is not in stock they can usually order it and have it for you within a few days. Plus I wanted to support a neighborhood business. Home Depot is awful everywhere; you can never find anything and end up wandering around the cavernous place for fifteen minutes just trying to figure out where you are.

    Plus they give a lot of money to conservative causes.

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