Awww. I am gettin’ that luving X-mas feeling from DPW cause they mailed me a 2005 calendar. Am I special ’cause I constantly bug them or did they mail this to everyone? With the calendar in hand I now know when the street cleaners stop cleaning and why. This might be DPW (Department of Public Works) neatest little PR product yet. Heck knows I hardly bother reading their other stuff. Chock full of everything from bulk trash to parking violations and snow removal. Yes, these are the things we all care about snow, trash and parking.

2 thoughts on “DPW”

  1. I am special too. I love my DPW calendar. Chock full of informative facts and historic pictures. – Jimbo

  2. I read it while eating dinner the other night. Looked kinda cheesy (the calendar, not the dinner) and there was a typo, which is par for the course from the District Government. They probably don’t have word processors yet to check their spelling. Nevertheless, it was informative.
    — Andy

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