Something good I can say about the kids

Okay, yesterday was my post that was a little anti-child, well more anti-stupid knucleheaded child. Reading an article about the lack of walking and the troubles with programs to promote walking to school I have one good thing to say about the children of Shaw, they can get from point A to point B without getting killed or kidnapped, without parental supervision.

In the Salon article “Walk to School yes, but don’t forget your lawyer,” the problem with getting kids to walk to school are SUV driving parents driving their kids to school. Reading about the attitudes some parents had regarding their children, I was thinking about the kids around my hood, which were the opposite. The kids around here have a bit more leeway. They might be limited to the block or a few blocks but they walk. I know a few who walk to school alone, navigating New Jersey Avenue to get there.

Raise your kid in the city and get free streetsmarts. The kids of this city are somewhat smart enough to navigate the subway, buses and streets alone. Now if they would just not act stupid I’d be so happy.