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The Group Housing Thing on Richardson

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Rear of Richardson IIISo the Washington Post mentioned the Richardson Place co-housing thing in an article a few days ago.The point of the real estate article was the new trend in group housing of developers creating housing for adults living together where they get their own bathrooms. Unlike old group houses where the shared bathroom and different sized rooms are a problem.

I'm going to totally ignore the problem of fitting too many people on a tiny little street. Gonna set that aside for a moment. That and the possible parking problem, 'cause everything comes down to parking 'round here.

What I will do is remember group housing. I have lived in group houses. My spouse lived in a group house. I know others who in their 20s lived in group houses, it is a thing people do around here; live in group houses.

One of the terrible scenarios brought forth during the BACA meetings against the idea of the co-housing was the idea of live in girlfriends (not boyfriends, I wonder what the gender issue is with that, but I digress) in every unit doubling the occupancy beyond what is legal. In London, I lived in a group house of 6 girls. In PG County, while in grad school, I lived with 4 girls in a small house. At no time did all of us have our boyfriends over at the same time.  Maybe two guys might be in the house on a rare occasion. Asking the spouse of his experience, living with 3 guys. Maybe two guys would have their girlfriends over on the same night. The only guest who was a problem, the catalyst who inspired my spouse to move out of the group house, was one of the roommate's dad who stayed for an extended amount of time.

No I predict the problems Richardson Place neighbors will have are the same problems all current residents have with new residents. Parking, noise, and personality conflicts.

Tuesday Misc- Few random thoughts

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The SUV selling drugs- it must have moved because I can't find it.

Don't get a roof deck- Don't bother with a roof deck unless you are a big apartment building or if it is right off of a kitchen. Roof access yes, roof deck no. Why? I have observed about three houses/condos that face New Jersey Ave that all have roof decks. Nobody hangs out on them, not for any length of time. I have heard the odd party (can't help to hear them) go up on the roof and then in less than an hour make their way back into the house. If you really want a roof deck, interview homeowners of similar houses and ask them about use and maintenance. Decks adjacent to the kitchen are a different story. Roof access, on the other hand, will make you popular with your neighbors if you're part of a big rowhouse row. Your neighbors will await your arrival home so they may ask if they can use your access to get up on the roof to deal with their HVAC unit or Dish or figure out that leak in their ceiling.

Support Local Non-profits- Think of all the non-profits that enrich your life, WAMU, WPFW, maybe performances at the Kennedy Center, the Fringe Festival or the Woolly Mammoth, art at the Phillips or the Artomatic, advocacy groups like the Washington Bicyclist Association or Casey Trees. You can also help people who help people who are worse off or trying to improve their lives by donating to Bread for the City or N Street Village.

Save for Retirement- I and the Help we both plan to die at our desks, but we still throw money at our retirements because you never know when your employer may take you out to lunch and change all the locks and passcodes while you're out. <-- This is based on something that happened to the Help's old supervisor.

Don't leave knives out on the street- That kitchen knife you put in the 'free' box on the sidewalk could kill someone. If you see a knife take it, you might save someone.

Be aware of your surroundings- Look up from your iphone, scan the sidewalk in front of you for dog poop, loose bricks, teenagers, cyclists, neighbors who might want to say 'hello' and drug dealers. Pick a playlist and put the damned thing back in your pocket. The closer you get to home, be more apt to interacting with the surroundings.

Citizen Policing- There is an unwritten law in DC, it is seared in the hearts of almost all the residents, 'stand on the right, walk on the left.' The authorities ignore this law but it is enforced, strongly and regularly by everyday citizens. I do it, my co-worker does it and I see others do it as I descend into the Metro system. We tell complete strangers who are mindlessly standing on the left to move over. Some do it gently, others scream a litany of profanities and insults, we all have our own style. When I see people enforcing this rule, I am reminded of Cambridge. Cambridge, England. I and a bunch of us from the Univ of Florida (Go Gators!) were studying there for 6 weeks. One of our party, Bill, rented a bicycle, and violated the rule of riding on the sidewalk. An old man walking on the sidewalk hit Bill viciously with a rolled up newspaper and told him to get the hell off the sidewalk. Thereafter, Bill stayed off the sidewalks of Cambridge. Imagine DC if certain rules were enforced by armies of seniors with newspapers.

Don't argue with crazy.

Read books- Cookbooks, reference books, the odd romance maybe (those things are mental junk food), audiobooks, a classic here or there, a history, something bigger than an article that will engage your mind if not your whole self.

Concentrate on your own happy. For me it's being right here, in this city, in this neighborhood with you. That and a really good cup of tea.

Bright Colored Miscellaneous

Bright Orange
Bright Orange on 1500 Blk 3rd St

There all sorts of interesting things happening in the hood.

1500 Block of 7th St- (via Kevin Chapple on the Shaw neighborhood list) 1547 - 7th St will be transformed into a world renowned restaurant. A lease has been signed with chef Richard Sandoval' s restaurant group. The restaurant at 1547 - 7th Street will be one of his El Centro brand. Visit for more information about Richard Sandoval and his restaurants.

In a few weeks Ivy & Coney, a sports pub will open its doors for business at 1537 - 7th Street.

The laundromat at 1535 - 7th Street will be closing and a coffee shop will take its place.

The Variety Market at 1510 - 7th Street will be closing and Valor Development will be occupying that location.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council- (also from the Shaw list) Will be meeting at Dunbar Nov 14th 6pm in the auditorium at 101 N Street NW. Think of it as another opportunity to go inside the new building. Though I'm still waiting to hear more about when residents can use the pool. 


New Bike Share Station- At Nth and New Jersey see the BACA Blog for pictures.

Post-Halloween Miscellany

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Well I said I'd get back to regular posting in November, and now look what month it is.

Halloween recap- Well the trick or treaters did not come until 7 something, and there were so few coming at a time we gave a lot of candy to the early kids and adults. Around 8 something we were starting to run out of candy. At 9pm we decided to call it a night because I figured it was too late for the youngest people to be out.

The costumes were okay this year. There were a bunch, I mean a bunch of Spidermen and spidergirls. No these weren't all the same kids. I had two Spidermen show up at the same time. There were those who made an effort and those who did not. We had special candy for those who just showed up in their regular clothes, caramels and tootie rolls. We did some minimal dressing up ourselves. I threw on an apron and called myself a chef. The Help failed to get rid of his graduation gown after getting his MLS so he wore almost all his regalia (we couldn't find the mortarboard)  and was mistaken for Harry Potter by our nighttime visitors. Harry Potter. The Help wasn't wearing glasses, I don't see how you could miss the University of Maryland patch on the red satin whatchamacallit.

Facetime- I try to practice being aware of my surroundings, even on the bus, because you gotta know how close you want to sit/stand near the crazy. I'm kind of observant. Well I spied with my little eye, someone engaging in Facetime, that function on the iPhone where there is a camera on you and the speaker so you both can see each other talk. Anyway, boyfriend on the other end was getting dressed. What I saw was rated PG-13 not NC-17, but still. I know there are a bunch of you out there who don't care that NSA is reading your email, or TSA is looking at your naked body scans, and have a different sense of privacy than I, but please don't Facetime 1/2 neekid people.

Judging the Post's "Getting to Know Shaw"- In todays print edition the Washington Post's  weekend section has an article by a variety of the Going Out Gurus. It is a collection of short blurbs about a few Shaw restaurants and bars, the library, the Howard Theatre, and the dog/skate park at 11th and Rhode Island. It is not a comprehensive list of all the good stuff that has come in the last three to five years. There is no mention of the Bundy dog run on the 400 block of P St., or Bistro Boheme, nor the brand spanking new Dunbar High School (please open the pool to residents, pretty please!), but that's ok. The on-line version neighborhood guide has more regarding commercial establishments.

Decade in Review- Miscellany

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Construction trucks

Blog Issues-I haven't been posting anything lately because of the flashing warning signal from my host saying how much space I was running out of, so I deleted a bunch of stuff, including, the old "This meeting never happened" entries. It pains me but I'm going to have to start deleting more material at, now that most of it is at Little extras, like the meeting notes hidden behind a password are gone. Well, gone from the public website. I have a copy. I created it after an incident where a speaker who came to a BACA meeting did not like how Google (not my fault, blame Google, but I'm easier to yell at than Google) summarized my notes. I wrote that I was buzzed and he was loud, but the way Google had it, he was drunk and loud. Apparently his co-workers were small minded speed reading non-click through bitties that caused him trouble. Anyway....

I'll probably start deleting chunks of the old Inshaw Site starting with 2010 and working down to 2003. The goal is to reclaim 2 Gigs to have more space to put things on

House on Street 4 Sale- In my last post I mentioned neighbors were going to put their house on the market. Well, it is on the market for $649K.  There was an open house Sunday, but I saw people with the sheets of paper where the map location in the top corner looking at the house Friday. Those MRIS print out sheets haven't changed much since I bought my house, except now they are in color. It will be interesting to see what will be the final price.

????- The picture, I have no clue but it was something new at the corner of Rhode Island and New Jersey. Sign seems to say it will be like that till the end of the month.

Wednesday Misc

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7th and Indiana cross walk
This intersection in Penn Quarter is dangerous. When the pedestrian walk sign is on for people to cross the light at 7th and Indiana might be red, but the cars in the box don't see it, they see the light at 7th and Pennsylvania. I watched a guy in a BMW/Lexus type car yelling at a woman with a stroller for being in the way. She still had 5 seconds.

BACA reminds us that there will be a marathon coming by our neck of the woods this Saturday and North Capitol will be closed.

The Bloomingdale Blog mentions that the Red Hen is hiring. This is a sign of things moving closer to making it a date night place.

Wouldn't it be cool?- I was listening to an audiobook, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson  and the topic were sites like Kickstarter. Anyway I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if there was a DC based site for people who wanted to invest in old houses that still had historic elements and get them rehabbed so those elements are kept and sold? Instead a few people dedicated to restoring old homes, hundreds.

5th Street One Way South?- It seems DDOT is thinking about making this one way street going north to go the opposite direction, south.

Also from the Shaw Yahoo Group- Chatman D'Vine Bakery is closed.

Thursday Misc

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ANC5E-05 SMD Meeting- Covering the area that is predominately the Hanover part of the TC and whatever is south of Q St. Anyway a meeting on March 12th at the New York Ave Playground.

Dog Treats- You know Sandra of Painted Hand Farm, who sells at the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market? She's selling those liver treats on-line. So if you can't wait till the market opens up again, you can get your pet's treat fix.

Buyer Club- Also Sandra has a buyer's club and according to her email will be at 1st and R March 24th. The March list has bunny as one of the meats you can order, but orders must be made in advance.

Wednesday Misc

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DC flag fence

Parcel 42- There was some notice on the neighborhood lists, but East Shaw has a decent write up, with pictures.

Wall down- Also speaking of neighborhood lists there was some mention of a wall collapse on Q Street. According to the DC Fire Fighter tweet it was 517 Q St. NW, a 1890 house.

Shaw Tavern's Community Festival- I'mma gonna cut and paste- "Shaw Community St. Patrick's Day Festival hosted by Shaw's Tavern on Sunday, March 17th 2013 from 11am-5pm.  The festival will be held on 6th St. NW between Florida Ave and S St.  It will feature live music, children's activities, food and beverage as well as local community vendors and information booths."

Tuesday Miscellany

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Historical Food Shacks- The House History Man has a picture that is of an African American man's stand at 1st and Florida NE. Close enough to the TC, well the northeastern part that I never write about.

2 Mil for a Corner Lot- The developers got approval for and then tore down the buildings at 1330 North Capitol NW, and then did nothing. Now this empty piece of dirth is for sale at deep pocketed developer prices.

Taxes- I'm annoyed with the Tax Office, last year I filed my DC taxes online for free. I paid either Turbotax or the H&R Block for the federal taxes and enjoyed just filling in the blanks with DC, on the site. It was simple and easy. Now I go to the site and it is a mess. The layout is unclear. They've added options for people whose adjusted gross income is less than $57,000 for federal and DC taxes. Great but I just wanna do DC. The page for the individual tax payer is cluttered. Did I use eTSC in 2012? Beats me, did y'all call it that last year? I might take my sweet time and file in April since I have to write them a check anyways. Refund? Ha, ha, yer funny.

DC I love you

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Platonically, and with great affection, I love the District of Columbia. And like the way I love a lot of my friends, DC, I love you, despite you.

Loving you DC isn't always easy. Parts of you are corrupt, lazy, insane, and down right slow, mentally and physically. But then you have these flashes of brillance, bursts of youthful joy and energy, with ideas and action that enrich my life. I love the fact you have a public transit system that has allowed me to go for years and years without a car. I love that you have seasonal and year round farmers markets that allow me to eat somewhat local and generally better. I love all these new restaurants popping up nearby. I love the bike lanes that invite me to travel the city on two wheels. I love the opportnities that exist when you look for them. Oh, I also love my job, which regionally you provided. I couldn't have gotten this in my native Florida.

And DC, as your friend, I have something very difficult to tell you. I know how you want a vote in Congress or/and Statehood, but I see your hopes get dashed often when the Democrats are in control of the White House and one or two parts of Congress. It happened with Clinton, its happening with the current president. You deserve better than getting strung along and taken for granted. You're looking good. You've got your finances in order, you're mostly employed and educated. You've got a good reputation and you're no longer synonymous with crack and murder. Maybe you should try something new, see how independent you can be, or get back in touch with your Statehood Green side. Just sayin'.

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