Memory Lane: Kittens on a rug 2006

The internet is for cats.

Taken June 13, 2006

This could be anywhere, but it was my backyard on 4th St NW.  We had a healthy colony of alley cats in the alley between New Jersey Avenue and 4th Street.  Did they do a good job of keeping down the rodent population?


I had mice issues and used poison bait stations inside and outside to deal with the problem with varied results. But the cats were part of the fabric that made the neighborhood the neighborhood.

There were neighbors who cared for the cats, putting out food. I volunteered to try to trap the mother cat so she could get spayed. The kittens were hanging out in my yard anyway. However, momma cat was smart. She would rub up against the trap to set it off.

Eventually neighbors got all the alley cats spayed and neutered or adopted off (for the kittens) and the colony died out.