WMATA woes in the hood

There are a few things WMATA is proposing that will reduce service to Shaw residents, one of them dangerous.
1. G2 bus service will be reduced. All you people partying in Georgetown will have to take a taxi when it gets close to midnight.
2. Closing the R Street exit of the Shaw metro station after 8pm. That to me is dangerous. The intersection at RI Ave and 7th seems to have more eyes on the street and my path from the other exit home is a little too dark and deserted for my tastes. Would be different if the Wonderbread warehouse wasn’t a heaping mass of decay.
There is a meeting tonight if you want to voice your concerns at All Souls Unitarian Church, Pierce Hall (1500 Harvard St. NW) at 7pm. You can also mail your concerns to:
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
600 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
or public-hearing-testimony@wmata.com
by April 6th.
More info at the CCCA blog

3 thoughts on “WMATA woes in the hood”

  1. why does Wmata think that this will help… more cars and drunk drivers? Fire those station managers who never help people and yell at tourists…. and even balk when you tell them there are kids fighting or about to fall onto the tracks

  2. I wrote Jack Evans about this. That 8th and R metro stop is mine too. It's funny that the yellow line service cuts are hosing the up-and-coming neighborhoods. DC officials makes New Orleans (my last home) look like geniuses. Never thought I'd find bigger idiots than down there.

  3. You can gauge WMATA's planning and development problems and issues with the arrival of Dan Tangherlini who was just seeking a place to ride it out before Obama won or lost, and Tangherlini bringing on John (Nat) Bottigheimer and real know nothing and fast talker who BS around most of the day, doing nothing and waiting on Dan who is at DOT to bring him on. They are playing it safe now since Obama's start has been rough and rocky, now METRO has the weight of Bottigheimer and his cronies adding to Metro's decline. Nat wasnt a star at MDOT, just a good guy, kinda funny, but hardly known for his prowess in planning or development, a political prop from folks he supported in the past. Get him outta there and you solve many problems.

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