Change in the corner of my eye

Last night I spent some quality time with the Help, the Help’s landlord, the landlords’ dogs, and another guest in Beltsville. The Help made some comment about the drug dealers on my corner, to which I responded that the dealers have cut back their hours and days of operation and laid off staff, and are hardly there [pause & sigh]”it’s the economy.” I got a chuckle from that. The friendly neighborhood drug dealers are less of a problem then in years past and that’s a change for the better, which only Spring can tell. Sadly they have been replaced by bored violent teens picking fights and robbing adults. Not sure which is worse.
I measure change by the situation I came into when I arrived on my block nearly 9 years ago. Drug dealers were at the corner or near the corner day, night, weekends, weekday, hot days, or cold weather, they were there. The Giant on O St was the best grocery option. There were quickie marts and liquor stores selling 40oz every 2 blocks and no decent wine.
But lately I have sensed another change, that is to come, and I see it out of the corner of my eye. Walking home I saw the Josephine (the recently built condos on Rhode Island Ave) off the side, in the background a tad, and I sensed a greater density has been added to my low density neighborhood. A density that the Monique, on the same block but on R St didn’t add on its own, but the two together seems to signal a change. Also, when peered at from the corner of my eye, off in the background the new Waltha Daniels/Shaw Library getting built. Now provided no bullets mar the shatterproof glass (that’s what I hear these modern architects are using for glass boxes these days) in the 1st 6 months, that will definitely signal a change provided that we see through the glass, a diverse library patronage that reflects the diversity of the neighborhood.
And the hope of change for the better is still alive and well. There is some excitement about a proposed bar near the Yoga District, and the SMD ANC/ businessman Stu Davenport is aware and seems positive. This is something new to think about while some still remain hopeful about Baraki (1st and T) and wonder what’s going with the old Bates Market, which seems to be chugging along. And speaking with the BAANC blog editor and Ray ‘o’ Sunshine, it seems I should keep an eye out this year for the O Street Market.

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