Evil Squirrels or Crackheads?

Evil Squirrels?
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I grow a odd looking type of cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, so they are quite distinct and I think I’m the only one growing them in the hood. So yesterday, I was looking for a cuke that I was tracking the growth for and didn’t see it. Maybe I had harvested it and forgot.
Or not. Walking along Q Street I noticed this 1/2 eaten lemon cuke in a tree box and started screaming about the evils of squirrels. Those little furry agents of Satan that have been attacking my tomatoes, now are going after the cukes. Or are they? The fruit/veggie pictured is a little heavier than a tomato. Also this was found about 300 feet from the vine, a little far for a tree rat to drag away. So it is possible this is the work of a bad human.
Any other theories?

8 thoughts on “Evil Squirrels or Crackheads?”

  1. When I lived on the unit block of Q St NE I planted a tomato plant in the front yard (too young to have any actual tomatoes on it yet). Less than 24 hours later someone had ripped it out of the ground and tossed it into the street. So I'd go with the crackhead theory in your case.

  2. I'm thinking squirrels. Crackheads – like rats – prefer to dine on carb-based food containing high levels of trans fats, MSG and salt, preferrably washed down with something out of a 40 oz.

  3. I doubt a crackhead would know that it was a vegetable. I've never seen cukes like that before. Could be a critter you didn't mention. There was a possum on my front porch on 3rd about 2 weeks ago. I'm gonna go with possum or raccoon.

  4. I would guess a raccoon got to it. There has been one rummaging around NJ and Q for about a year now. I've seen it once or twice climbing up my neighbor's tree.

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