No more cinder block windows

No longer vacant
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For the longest time, or as long as I’ve been around, this house on R St NW, sported a cinderblocked front window. In the past month or so I’ve seen workmen gussying up the front. There are windows with actual glass. In the windows are curtains. It got a paint job and a little bricked paved yard.
But is it vacant no more? Can it unshackle itself from the hated vacant tax? Regardless, it looks much, much nicer. But if you really want me to believe it isn’t vacant. Get a mail box.

3 thoughts on “No more cinder block windows”

  1. For what it's worth, I spoke with one of the contractors at the house. He said the "long-time" owner is not planning to sell the place but instead to live in it. I have no idea if that's the truth, but I figured I'd share anyway…

  2. Their fenced in backyard area is still ridiculously overgrown and has many full trash bags piled up in it. It has been this way for a long long time.

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