2 thoughts on “Mayor’s Youth Conservation group does good”

  1. Like most youth, they need mature supervision and guidance. The MYCC program needs to be restructured with more experienced and strong managers. A task based get-paid-as-you-complete-a-project system might be a better way to reward the youth who are hard working who might get disillusioned by those who are too fatigued to lift a finger or bothered to stop communicating on their pda's — and yet get paid just as much as everyone else.

    Each project might have a certain $/credit given to it, at the end of each week/pay period, the hard working youth get to cash in their credits. The harder the task, the greater the reward. Might help to build team work and esprit de corps as well.

    The credits might be linked to local or popular District businesses who buy into the program and who would then get reimbursed directly by the gov't with cash or tax credits that help them stay afloat in these challenging times.

    At one of the site projects in the past few weeks, a ten-year old neighbor was working harder for free, along with her parents, than those 5+ years older who were getting paid

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