Whole nother kettle of fish

I’m sure the BACA blog will have more comprehensive notes. But as part of the narrative the opponents of the dog park mentioned at the 8/3/09 BACA mtg was that Safe Shores would be a 24/7 facility with about 70 staff members and children and their families living on the premises. Egad!

3 thoughts on “Whole nother kettle of fish”

  1. When Safe Shores was doing the rounds in the community over two years ago I recall that they specifically said that it is NOT residential. I think that these particular dog park opponents are peddling bad information.

  2. I'd like to see something happen w/ the suggestion of turning the lot at n. cap and bates into a dog park. That seems like it could be a huge step for the area. -Mike

  3. OPM Director Robin Eve Jasper stated at the July 9 public meeting (following her unpublicized meeting 3 days before with the ECCA …) that there would probably be space left over on the vacant lot for uses other than parking. That final decision should happen any day now given the 30 day time frame she gave.

    These dog park opponents not only don't read very well (i.e. SafeShores.org and FriendsOfBundy.net info or DPR dog park regulations), but they don't listen very well either.

    Why even bother speaking to them?

    — Bona Fido

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