Dead cat

found in the rain, on the sidewalk at the corner of NJ and Q St on the Ward 2 side of the street, so don’t walk your dogs over there.

Yes, I called the city’s 311 number.
No, nobody answered because I found the tuxedo kitty after 4:30pm, when phone calls go straight to a machine.
Yes, I called animal control. They don’t do dead. I was told I should call DPW.
At this point, I gave up. I’ll file a report which someone will get to it when they get to it.

5 thoughts on “Dead cat”

  1. DPW has a dead animal unit.
    Do not please please please call them for dead rats in your alley. There is, like, a bazillion rats in DC, and they only live 3 years each.
    They should pick up a cat/dog/deer thought.
    311 is the number. Ask for the dead animal unit by name.

  2. Action 1- Stood in rain looking at dead cat while trying to bring up the City Wide Call Center on PDA.

    Action 2- DC.Gov site took too long to load, and feet got wet, went home.

    Action 3- Set down bag from Penn Quarter Farmers Market (Cherries in season WOOT!) turned on computer to get

    Action 4- website pointed to calling 311. Called 311, got phone tree and told humans went home.

    Action 5- Searched for Animal Control. Called Animal control. Told to call DPW.

    Action 6- Back to to look up number for DPW. Site says call 311.

    Action 7- Blog.

    Action 8- On site fill out city service request for dead animal.

    Done. Considering the animal is small, and not near my house, my incentives stop at Action #2, and in other situations have stopped at that initial attempt to contact the city. Because out of sight, is out of mind, and by the time I get to where I'm going I've forgotten all about the (cat, rat, vandalized car, spray painted building, etc).

  3. That is just a bummer. I watched a bird fall out of the sky and die on my sidewalk this afternoon.

    Killed my evening. I hate to see things like that happen to animals.

  4. I once had a similar problem: I found a dead cat on the sidewalk in front of a neighbor's house.

    Action 1 – Got my shovel.

    Action 2 – Buried the dead cat.


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