Local Shaw blogger Jimbo tells us to relax about the swine flu and you know, I’ll do my part too. I will change my ways and not be the Typhoid Mari I usually am, coming to work sick. At the slightest hint of illness, at least this Spring, I will stay home. I’ve got about 300 hours of sick leave built up, I guess I can use it.
So read Jim’s post, wash your hands, and cover your mouth when you cough.

2 thoughts on “Swine-whine”

  1. Thanks Mari-I’ve been freaking out all morning so I needed a little perspective. I’m going to have to stop reading the post for the time being.

  2. What bugs me are the federal workers who are trying to build up their sick leave so they can cash out when they are done working, who never take their sick leave because of that, so they come to work sick and then make me sick. That steams me up.

    Pork is safe to eat. I’m going out to lunch today for some yummy pulled pork.

    Anyway, yes, stop worrying so much. The pollen is more dangerous to your health here than the flu at this time. Worrying is also bad for you. Limit your media intake as well.

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