More Tomato Posting

I got an email from a marketing company and after some light investigation figured it was worth passing on to y’all.

For the first time in its more-than-100-year history, Campbell Soup Company is making available to the American public specially cultivated seeds used to grow tomatoes for its iconic Campbell’s® Tomato soup. The effort is part of Campbell’s goal to grow more than one billion tomatoes across the country and to support American agriculture. Campbell also is teaming up with the National FFA Organization and Urban Farming Inc., each of which will use the special seeds to help create five community gardens in urban communities.
To learn more about this please to go

Campbell’s on their own site appears to be giving away seed with the purchase of soup. At “Help Grow Your Soup” you can click and donate seeds to their project and get your own seeds.
I already bought all the tomato seeds I’m going to use this year. I tried a new to me seed company “Totally Tomatoes” to get indeterminate and determinate tomatoes. Indeterminate just go all over, determinate tomatoes like the balcony hybrids, are a bit more bush like. Totally Tomato had more of a choice with the determinants.

Other Seed Sources of Interest:
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange– Virginia based and mid-Atlantic focused.
Pinetree Garden Seeds– Smaller packets of seeds. Seems a bit cheaper than some other suppliers.
Cooks Garden– My personal gardening rule is if I can’t eat it, I don’t need it. This is a seed supplier who factors in taste.
Nichol’s Garden Nursery– She wrote the book on container gardening and I bought seeds from her site.