Robbery on R

I saw it on the discussion list and there was this on the 5D listserv:

PSA: 501
CCN: 09042554
RPT DATE: Mar 31, 2009
OFFENSE: Robbery
LOCATION: Sidewalk
START DT: 03/31/2009
START TM: 20:57:00
END DT: 03/31/2009

There is no street or block but the time and the sidewalk location makes me think that it is the same sad crime that occurred Tuesday when a man was collecting his garbage can near his home. It makes no sense, but DC criminals have their own logic.
I pray this is an isolated crime. But I know that the stretch to the better and safer neighborhood we deserve will have these set backs.
Speaking of crime in the TC, I was informed of two incidents, I think happening in the same month of burglaries on Sq 509E. One was where the thief got in through a tiny back window and stole cash from a New Jersey Avenue home. The other was another burglary on 4th, I don’t know the specifics but it occurred when the occupant was out of town. I can’t stress the importance of having a neighbor look in on your place when you’re on vacation or a business trip. Papers, chinese restuarant menus, and gold and brown notes from the UPS guy pile up and scream ‘We’re not home!’

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