I’ve seen this scene before

Last week heading out from work, pondering taking a cab home to test out the supposed lower prices, I saw a couple walking along Pennsylvania Avenue. What grabbed my attention was the pleading man. The woman was a long haired blond in her late thirties, maybe mid forties wearing a tight fitting black jeans and tee. The man was in his late forties, sorta moppish hair cut, wearing the most nondescript clothes ever.
Man: Let me drive you home
Woman: [silence and keeps walking ahead]
Man: Please [followed by more whiny pleading]
Then there is a certain point when he looks like he’s going to get down on his knees, as she’s keeping her stride on….
Man: She means nothing to me!

Well that explains a lot. Dude, you’re in trouble.

2 thoughts on “I’ve seen this scene before”

  1. Speaking of relationships in DC; hypothetically – would you raise a child here?

    A Dad (?)

  2. See Risks & Benefits.
    Hypothetically, with my hypothetically like-minded trophy husband? Yes. Around about a certain period in the children’s lives we may consider moving if there isn’t a high school we like. But that’s a reflection of my temperment.

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