So Hawt

What is it, like 96 degrees outside?
It’s 79 in the house. Oh, the SpacePak A/C system works fine, it is just that I’ve gotten my Pepco bill. I know energy costs have gone up, and I can kiss the days of $30 electric bills goodbye, but really, $100! I can cut costs somewhere.
Seriously, it is so hot out my worms are running from my composter like it was a house on fire. It is truly a distressing sight to see globs of earthworms streaming out of the vent holes. All the moisture from this morning has left the composter and the worms were trying to leave as well, in droves.
It is so hot, I put an old window a/c unit out on the sidewalk late last night and now it is gone.
How many more months of this?

2 thoughts on “So Hawt”

  1. I am beside myself. In the month of April, when I had no A/C running, no fans running, all my light bulbs are compact fluorescent, and we barely use the dishwasher, my electric bills were still $250 a month. I don’t think I’ve had a $30 electric bill… ever… Where the hell is all my electricity going?

  2. i’m experiencing the same behavior as well. have you had any electrical work done recently? i read somewhere that unplugging everything in the house and seeing if the meter still moves can help pinpoint the problem.

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