Shots on the block

Sometime between or before 4-4:30pm there was shooting at the intersection of R and 4th St NW. No one, as far as I know was harmed. Police taped off the 1700 block of the intersection as they collected evidence (I gather).

2 thoughts on “Shots on the block”

  1. I was walking my dogs at that corner at about 5 PM with a neighborhood boy who is about 10 or 11. His is a very nice young man and he loves to walk around the block with my dogs and to pet them and to talk about his dogs who he loves very much. Anyway, he heard the shots and rode his bike over and saw shell casings on the ground. The thought that kids like him see that stuff everyday in the hood made me sad.

    I am fully aware that they see this stuff all the time, but it was just reinforced while we were strolling around the block on a beautiful day.

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