Radiator humindifiers and misc

I have no cool end of the year reflections. I’m not in the mood to look back at 2007, but rather plow forward into 2008. No this is a post about something dear to my heart this Winter, my beloved radiators.
I saw on the New York Times website an article about radiator humidifers. There are these things you can hang on your radiator, that you fill with water, or some scented mix. Neat.
I had been drying my sweaters on my radiators, but after everything has been moved around and spiffed up, I haven’t carried on the practice and the air in the house got a tad dry. Moreso on the top floor. On the 1st floor, there are some small trees I brought in from outside that are up on or really close to a heat source and I’m guessing the water from the soil is keeping the house decently moisturized. That and the dryer, that I can vent inside, when I need the heat. Then there are other plants, that are probably aiding in the effort. Upstairs, I’ve just been keeping a glass of water near the radiator in a spot I’m less likely to knock it over. Before, I used to wake up horribly dry, my throat, skin, horribly, disgustingly, dry.

Filing under misc, there is a whole load of things I did not comment on or post that were passed on to me, and I’m just going to clean them out of my in-box now. I’m getting terribly lazy about posting announcements, and when there are other bloggers on the other side of NJ Ave, I don’t feel compelled. Of course, I’ve probably dropped the ball on TC stuff as well.
On the plus side and reflecting the changes I want to make, the ‘thing’ that I was waiting for has come to pass and now I can talk about certain items that are available to the public. And hear tell 2008 may see the National Archives bringing back its pre-2006 research room hours, so I can actually do some decent research, giving me some other choices besides Library of Congress and the Washingtonia collection at the MLK. Now if some other places could just have good weekend hours, that would be lovely.

3 thoughts on “Radiator humindifiers and misc”

  1. Good, I was wondering if you had your radiators hooked up again!

    As for archives, I have found the original building permit for 12 houses on my block. I dropped them off for neighbors with a note. And then I got a worried phone call this morning from a neighbor asking why I had done that and whether I were too preoccupied with things in the past.

  2. I lived for several years in a house in the London suburbs with no dryer. Just didn’t have room for it. Almost all houses there have radiators, however. In the winter I would dry clothes and bed linens on the radiators.

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