Looking for vacant lot to seed

For Christmas I got a big honking stack, seriously, a bigger than what I can carry in one hand stack of wildflower seeds. Unfortunately, the seeds won’t be going into my garden as they don’t fit my “can I eat it?” theme. So I figure I’ll take them to the nearest overgrown lot and set them free there.
Which got me to thinking about vacant lots, to go with the vacant house theme. I know of a lot, and I’m going to leave out the specifics as though I am not sure what was done was legal, it was good. There is a vacant lot that was taken over by a group of neighbors and turned into a mini-micro-park. The vacant lot was your run of the mill weedy patch o’ dirt, then someone decided to do some landscaping and others supported and kept it up.
And now that the RE market has gone into a downturn, and properties aren’t turning over as fast, I wonder if Spring 2008 would be a good time to do some guerrilla gardening? Find a lot, which I can think of two near me, and weed and seed a small patch of it. These two lots rarely, from what I’ve observed get cleaned up until they’ve turned into rat havens. Which make them better candidates than other vacant yards that are mowed more often.