Vacant house

Well, because all the other cool blogs are doing it, I present to you a vacant house. It is 219 P St NW, built in 1906, currently owned by a Mr. Crespo of Dunn Loring, VA, who bought the place February 2007 for $265K. All this is on the DC.Gov website, and since the current owner has had it for less than a year, I’m going to go easy and not post the other public information.
I debated about blogging about specific vacant houses in the TC. There are a number of vacant houses in the TC, like the rest of Shaw, but not all of them are obviously vacant, and I didn’t want to attract any great amount of attention to those. So I’m going with the obviously vacant, and 219 P is with it’s busted windows and ratty looking yard.
As far as taxes go, it’s had its woes. Currently it is assessed at $270,600, but will jump to $354,020 in 2008. looking at it’s past tax bills and payments, whoever owned it previously let the tax bill get up to $8K in 2005 and 2006. There is a Clean City bill for $70.00 and a 1998 trash bill of $613.87. Hopefully the old obligations were cleared up when the property changed hands.

2 thoughts on “Vacant house”

  1. nice looking place. The decline and decay did not occur on the current owner’s watch. Be glad someone cases enough to dedicate their time, money, and effort to improving your block. First of all, you know it takes 10 weeks to get blueprints permitted, even assuming you have the blueprints ready and there are no errors. Second, there is a financing issue. And for the owner to be able to pay a big chunk of cash to the GC and subs, he or she needs to be out there working to earn enough to get the project rolling. There is nothing wrong with a realtor being the investor. Sounds to me like he or she knew where to find a good deal. Had past owners been responsible enough to take care of the property, people today would not be so offended at new owners’ slow progress.

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