Arugula the winter salad

Last night I had a salad from fresh greens still growing in the yard, arugula. I planted it sometime in the summer, and the plants are still going strong. They were covered with snow last week, but now the snow has melted, they are accessible again. They are harder and not as nice as the soft springtime bounty. But it’s cold and I’m not going to the store and I want a salad. I have to chop them up finely. Of course, I could wilt them as well and it would be fine.
Also in the yard, not going as strong is the chard. It’s okay, not looking as perky as it did before the snow.

2 thoughts on “Arugula the winter salad”

  1. You’re lucky about that arugula! I love the green stuff myself and can’t wait to grow my own. Sounds like the soil around here can handle it even after a cold snap. Any other tips? It’s great in a winter soup too. Concocted a recipe with it earlier this month that turned out really good.

    Love the blog, btw! Happy holidays!

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