Some Bloggy Housecleaning

I got a lovely note from my hosting service that I have gone above my allowance. The amount equals something I can find in my pockets doing laundry, so no big deal. Yet, this means I should do ‘something’ about the amount of stuff I’ve typed up over the years. Deleting old posts and saving them on a disk is an option. Seek and destroy large jpeg files is another. Or let my natural laziness come through and do nothing, until the extra costs go beyond what I may find in the laundry.

Also, did anyone go to the BACA meeting? I was a tad under the weather, so I missed out.

2 thoughts on “Some Bloggy Housecleaning”

  1. A lot of interesting stuff at the BACA. First, Armstong will not longer be arts-oriented. It’s pre-K through 9, and emphasis on academics only.

    They’re ahead of schedule and below budget — planning to enroll 300 kids this coming fall, an additional 300 in 2009 and another 300 in 2010.

    Secondly, ARE is planning to move OUT of Slater (the marginally less dilapidated school on the unit block of P) and INTO Langston (the completly run down school next door.) The issue is space. They’re trying to raise enough money to cover a 7.2 million dollar renovation. And they seem to think they’ll get it.

    Slater’s long-term fate is unclear.


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