Ebay alert: Hopkin’s Map of Shaw

FYI over on Ebay there is a reproduction of the 1887 Hopkin’s map for the area south of Q, west of New Jersey and east of 9th up for sale for $90. You could also get a repro from the Library of Congress and maybe the National Archives, if you happen to know what map you want (I suggest going down into the basement of the Madison building @ the LC/ Archives II-College Park to find out and make sure), so don’t go overboard with the bidding.

…..and an original 1887 Hopkin’s map currently going for $156.00. It has a little bit of the TC, and a good amount of what looks to be Kevin Chappel’s ANC area.

One thought on “Ebay alert: Hopkin’s Map of Shaw”

  1. Sorry but I’m going to have to start cracking down on the anon (please inital your posts) comments.
    Thanks for mentioning that Hopkins copies are not available from the LC.

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